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Precision casting of precious metal jewelry using natural materials

The invention is using a wax model based on original metal shape that improve the aesthetic value and decrease the production cost.
This is for the precise casting method using original natural precious metal.

- Applictaion Number : 10-2007-0056112

Pipe-type fine metal thread manufacturing methods and the fine metal thread using porous metal

This invention is to infiltrate aroma to the porous metal so as to ensure the maximum infiltration and duration of aroma in fine metal thread.
This invention is for the manufacturing of pipe shaped find metal thread and production of porous metal utilizing the pipe shaped fine metal.

- Applictaion Number : 10-2008-0040746

Method to apply gradation to ornaments, and the ornaments that is formed with gradation.

This invention is related with the coloring of jewelry surface by plating method, especially dirrerent from conventional plating method of distinctive 2 or more colors,

it is a technology to increase the value of the jewelry by applying gradation to the surface of jewelry.

- Applictaion Number : 10-2009-0131473

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